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I have been doing Harris Polls for a LONG time, at least 15 years and maybe longer. In the past month, I was having trouble logging in, but eventually I always got it.

This made me nervous, so I went ahead and cashed in my points. The VERY next day, I could no longer access my account. I contacted them THREE times and finally they got back to me. Apparently, I had already be "warned " that my account was in jeopardy.

WRONG! They never contacted me. Here is the email: Thank you for contacting us regarding not being able to access your account. Upon the review of your account, I show that your account has been removed due to quality issues.

We track internally each panelist’s performance in each survey and over time to determine if there are any quality issues across multiple objective measures. If your performance demonstrates consistent issues across multiple measures in surveys across a period of time we send an email that reminds you of the key factors that ensure data integrity: to not rush through surveys, to only take a survey one time, and to provide honest, thoughtful responses. This email is sent when your performance measures are still at a level where you have ample opportunity to improve and avoid termination. This email does not allege any misconduct or bad intent towards you.

Rather, our actions are based on strictly objective criteria, applied with the greatest of care and due diligence, and in the interest of meeting our ethical obligations and our obligations to our clients to provide them with only the highest quality of survey data. I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Just WOW!

I am so glad I cashed out my points! WHEW!

Review about: Harris Poll Online Account.

Reason of review: I have NO idea what I did wrong. I have been VERY careful and considerate with my answers. I feel like I got kicked in the gut, especially since I am newly widowed..

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Представитель компании должен предложить решение проблемы.

I liked: Giving my opinion.

I didn't like: Being kicked off with no adequate explantion.

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The same thing just happened to me as well. I have been with them for a really long time as you were and they gave me the same exact response.

I was so upset because I do not fly thru the surveys and I am always careful. This is very disturbing.

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